Insight into the future of electronics production: ETEL presents the “TELICA” at the Nepcon trade fair in Tokyo

The Nepcon trade fair in Tokyo is a platform that showcases the latest innovations and technologies in the electronics industry. This year, ETEL took to the stage to present its ground-breaking machine “TELICA”. This innovation promises to revolutionise electronics production and increase efficiency in manufacturing.

img 3422
TELICA at the centre of interest

The Nepcon trade fair in Tokyo is one of the most important events for companies in the electronics industry to present their latest developments and technologies. This year, ETEL participated for the first time as a leading supplier of automation solutions for electronics production. We presented the “TELICA”.

TELICA is a machine specifically designed to address the challenges of electronics manufacturing. It offers a combination of precision, speed and flexibility that enables companies to optimise their manufacturing processes and increase their productivity. With advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, TELICA offers a solution that is tailored to the requirements of modern electronics production.

During the Nepcon trade fair, visitors and clients had the opportunity to see TELICA in action and experience its impressive performance for themselves. From the precise placement of tiny components to the fast and efficient processing of large production orders, TELICA impressed with its versatility and performance.

img 3411
TELICA – precision at Nepcon

Another important aspect of TELICA is its ease of use and ability to adapt to different production environments. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and programming flexibility, TELICA can be easily integrated into existing production lines and enables companies to react quickly to changing requirements.

The presentation of TELICA at the Nepcon trade fair marks a milestone in the history of electronics production. It clearly demonstrates how innovations in automation technology can drive the industry forward and open up new opportunities for increased efficiency and quality assurance.

At a time when the electronics industry is facing increasing competitive pressure and changing customer demands, TELICA could be just the solution companies need to gain a competitive edge and strengthen their position in the market.

The Nepcon show provided the perfect setting to introduce TELICA to a wide audience and demonstrate its potential for the future of electronics manufacturing. With its innovative approach and impressive performance, TELICA has undoubtedly made a lasting impression and redefined expectations for the future of the industry.