Between the numerous subsidiaries, sales offices, and representatives, ETEL is close to its customers all around the world. An efficient sales and technical support network provide coverage to the areas where ETEL is active. This network is optimally trained and is able to provide technical consultancy and support on the selection, integration, and use of our products.

ETEL's subsidiaries

Group subsidiaries and sales offices

China - HEIDENHAIN China CO., LTDChina
Czech Republic - HEIDENHAIN s.r.o.Czech Republic
France - HEIDENHAIN FRANCE Sarl France
Germany - DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbHGermany, Austria 
Hong-Kong - HEIDENHAIN LimitedHong-Kong
Italy - ETEL S.A. Italy
Korea - HEIDENHAIN Korea Ltd.South Korea
Singapore - HEIDENHAIN PACIFIC PTE. LTDSingapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand
Switzerland - ETEL S.A.Switzerland, Lichtenstein
Taiwan - HEIDENHAIN CO. LTD.Taiwan
The Netherlands - HEIDENHAIN NEDERLAND B.V.Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium
United Kingdom - HEIDENHAIN Ltd.United Kingdom
United States - HEIDENHAIN CORPORATIONUSA, Canada and Americas 

International sales

International sales - SwitzerlandEastern of Europe, Scandinavia, India
and rest of the world


Israel - Medital Comotech LtdIsrael
Spain - Farresa Electronica S.A.Spain and Portugal