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TELICA: new dual gantry motion system

TELICA is a new multi-axes platform primarily dedicated to semiconductor back-end applications. It is a dual gantry architecture providing motion along 3 degrees of freedom, X, Y and Z, for a total number of 8 controlled axes. It is designed to fulfill the most challenging requirements of advanced die bonding processes (Flip-chip, Fan-out, 3D stacked packages), µ-LED bonding, dispensing applications and more.

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New IL+ ironless linear motors

ETEL launches a renewed ironless linear motor product range by introducing the IL+ technology on the famous ILF and ILM linear motors. These motors, named ILF+ and ILM+, replace the former one with similar footprint and integration concept while providing improved performance, more variants and a more economical solution.

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EtherCAT on AccurET

All AccurET modular controllers are now compatible with EtherCAT communication bus. It brings the features of high-end controllers in your machine with minimal integration effort making the performance gains visible straightaway.


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TMB+: Closed cooling family

All the TMB+ torque motors are now available with an optional cooling jacket. The jacket is available with radial or axial water inlet/outlet to accommodate any machine design. ETEL is providing a solution that removes the burden of water tightness from the machine designers.


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CHARON2: New modular standard platform
CHARON2 is a new semiconductor-oriented XY, XYT, ..., stacked system, backward compatible with existing modules and options. CHARON2 design extends CHARON use cases into the space of higher dynamics and larger payloads, with further improvement on accuracy and repeatability.


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New short stroke actuator
ETEL is pleased to announce its new ZAO force controlled actuator as entering its already broad range of advanced motion systems.It is an actuator featuring a frictionless bearing arrangement and a light moving mass, ensuring very low and repeatable force application as well as low force overshoot at impact on a contact surface.


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New IMTHP variant

ETEL is introducing a new variant of its IMTHP (temperature monitoring device) that will provide the same functionality as the existing one but fully based on PT1000 sensors (reading & emulating) instead of KTYs.


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A new member of the module portfolio

ETEL is proud to officially introduce the DXR+ as a new member of its module portfolio.

The DXR+ is a rotary module featuring a compact design, light mass, large hollow shaft and providing the right performance to cost ratio for mid-end applications in semiconductor and electronics. This product enlarges the number of modules that can sit on top of the existing XY platforms. The DXR+ brings major improvements in terms of stiffness which has a direct impact on the control bandwidth of the XY stage that is supporting it.



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New LMG and LMS size

ETEL extends its existing LMG and LMS linear motors families with the LMG20 and LMS20 range. These 6 new motors (available with two different winding types except for LMS20-100) are new alternatives for many linear motor applications.

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AccurET VHP – Very High Performance Controllers

ETEL designed the AccurET VHP to reach sub-nanometer position stability combined with extremely low tracking errors during dynamic motions and to control the most demanding axes in terms of speed accuracy. AccurET VHP range will be shown, for the first time, at SPS/IPC Drives in Nuremberg (Germany) in November 2016.

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© Solar Impulse | Revillard |


© Solar Impulse | Descloux |

ETEL joins the worldwide scientific community tocongratulate Solar Impulse team for their recent historic achievement: flying around the world with a solar airplane.

Addressing new technological challenges that push back the limits of the impossible has always been part of ETEL’s sources of inspiration and innovation. Today ETEL is proud of its contribution to the Solar Impulse project that combines the most advanced scientific knowledge in terms of aeronautics, materials, photovoltaic energy, and electrical motors. What used to be a dream is now a great success that will certainly open doors to major steps in aeronautics. In fact, flying days and nights without fuel is now proven to be achievable.


ETEL torque motors powered the ultra-lightweight revolutionary airplane for more than 500 hours of flying around the globe in the most demanding environmental conditions. The torque motors as well as all other components had to work from ground temperatures to extreme conditions at more than 8000 meters altitude (~26’000 feet) without any compromise or uncertainty on their performance and reliability. All along the incredible human challenge that the pilots faced and during record-breaking flight times, ETEL torque motors operated safely to ensuring their safety and finally contribute to the success of this incredible challenge.

New Vulcano XY: the modular standard platform

ETEL is proud to present its new VULCANO XY system – a three-piece-design allowing a compact and cost engineered solution, coupled to mechanical bearings and high-end optical encoders. This platform can easily be coupled with a rotary module RTTB or the brand new Z3TH combined module. This latter provides a Tip and Tilt correction, a double Z-axes, 364° Theta rotation and 4 degrees of freedom.

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TMB+: New torque motors family

ETEL is renewing its torque motor product range by adding a new motor type, the TMB+. TMB+ is an evolution of the renowned TMB Torque Motor that provides a combination of increased performance and new features while maintaining the interfaces of existing motors.

TMB+ will be unveiled during the IMTS 2016 machine tool exhibition in Chicago, IL, USA, in September.

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RTMBi: Next-generation of indexing table

ETEL’s RTMB high precision indexing tables have been a trusted solution for over 10 years, with thousands of products operating in a variety of industries including automation, electronics, and back-end semiconductor manufacturing. Now, ETEL is proud to announce the next generation of high performance indexing tables: the RTMBi. By combining ETEL’s high efficiency torque motors with HEIDENHAIN’s high resolution encoder technology in a very compact package, the RTMBi delivers industry-leading torque density with high positioning accuracy.  With lower inertia and increased continuous torque, ETEL’s indexing tables are now capable of even higher dynamics and shorter indexing times, resulting in increased machine throughput for the end-user.


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Keep your machine QuiET! A new solution for vibration isolation!

ETEL is very proud to announce the release of its new QuiET - Active Isolation System. From now on, an advanced motion platform from ETEL does not only include the motion system and its associated motion controllers but can also benefit from its proprietary active isolation system. This makes ETEL the only Motion System Supplier in the world offering a so large scope of supply! 


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ETEL extends its existing LMS linear motors family with the LMS05 range. These 3 new motors (available with two different winding types) are new alternatives for many linear motor applications and a very easy upgrade for existing ETEL LMG customers.


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ETEL on Swiss TV

The French Swiss television (RTS) selected ETEL to make a coverage on an high-tech company. Missed it? Watch the video here.

ETEL opened R&D Unit in Biel

ETEL expands its R&D department and opens an additional R&D centre in Biel. The aim of this strategic decision is to allow close collaboration with the upcoming concentration of technical skills, when the BFH Campus Technik and the Swiss Innovation Park will be located in the neighbourhood.